Healthy Practices of Healthy Businesses

Over 26 years of experience and hundreds of commercial painting projects completed

A Commercial Painting Company’s View of Corporate Health from the Inside Out

We learn by doing.  Isn’t that right?  At Uni Pro Painting, we’ve been providing commercial painting services for some of the region’s finest businesses and organizations for over 28 years.

That’s a lot of “doing”.  And that’s a lot of “learning”

One thing about the commercial painting business is that you get to see inside a company’s exterior.  You get to see how things work, down and dirty, before the first coat of paint starts to flow.

In short, you get to see a company’s bones.  You get to see what’s good about a company. You get to see what’s getting covered up, too.  It’s a perspective that not too many businesses have.

In our 28 years in the commercial painting business, we’ve worked with excellent companies.  The best of the best.  In our opinion, here are five things that we’ve seen that all internally strong companies have in common, and what some try to cover up.  From the inside out, with a fresh set of eyes and a fresh coat of paint, this is how it looks to us when it’s looking good for them:

1). Employee Morale: 

Without a doubt, this is the easiest way to gauge the health of a company. Are the employees happy?  Do they feel respected and well cared for?  Do they feel valuable?  Many of our best customers hire us to make sure that their employees are working in office spaces and facilities that shine because they know it makes their employees smile.  If your employees aren’t happy, then your business is likely not healthy.

2). Customer satisfaction: 

Customers don’t always tell people when they’ve had a great experience.  But if one thing doesn’t meet their expectations, they’re telling someone about it.  That’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.  Ask your customers if they are happy.  More importantly, ask them “why”.   Lots of things can affect customer satisfaction, including how the showroom looks.   In our experience, a less-than-fresh showroom appearance costs you satisfaction points before you even say hello. 

3). Strong leadership and vision: 

What do you stand for?  What brand does your company project? Are they matched up?    You can say you are state-of-the-art, innovative, and revolutionary, but if the building or the employees don’t portray that direction, your claims will fall on deaf ears. 

4). Operational Efficiency: 

When businesses call us in for a fresh look, we are often able to see opportunities to improve workspace and operational efficiencies.  People don’t think of commercial painters as being a part of that piece, but the ones who truly care about a job well done are looking for ways to make your business function better.  Just paying attention to opportunities is the first way to improve.

5).  Embracing New Ideas: 

Strong companies aren’t afraid to look outside the box for a better way to do anything.  They aren’t tied to the past, but rather looking forward to new opportunities.  At Uni Pro Painting, we feature the newest paint products to bring longer-lasting results and we’re excited to show them to you.  Our best customers want to see what we’re coming up with next. 

That’s a simple list of what we see healthy businesses have in common.  Notice, that we didn’t bring up top-line revenue, EBT numbers, churn rates, and stock prices.  Why?

  • With the right partnership, your relationship with a commercial painting company can help strengthen you company’s corporate health.  These contribute to the leading indicators necessary for a healthy workplace.
    • Those lagging indicators of success are important, but they are outcomes, not foundational practices.  Like commercial painting…it only looks great after the job is done right.

    Healthy businesses are strong businesses, long-lasting businesses, and influential businesses.  So focus on getting healthy in these foundational, deep-seated, structural ways before you focus on the results.  Those will take care of themselves when you take care of your business.

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