Keeping Family Values in the Family Business

Over 26 years of experience and hundreds of commercial painting projects completed

Being a “family” business doesn’t have to mean a “small” business.

Some of the largest companies in the world are family businesses.  Or at least the family roots are there.  You might say that the Walton family business is called “Walmart”!  And I’m sure you can think of many of your largest customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners who began and likely still think of their business as a family-run operation.

Keeping family values and principles might seem hard when the goal is growth, viability, and expansion.  But if family values and principles were what drove the business to its initial success, then we think it’s not only worth the effort…it’s essential.

All in the family: Billy, Steve Sr. and Steve Spinelli

At Uni Pro Painting, we are a commercial painting company in Cleveland Ohio.  More importantly, we are a family business, started 28 years ago and operated way before that through the original efforts of my father, Steve Spinelli, Sr.  Now, our son Billy is taking the reigns as President of the company.  It’s all in the family and that’s good!

Here are a few things we’ve learned about growing a family business the right way:

Identify your keystone:  What is the one thing that means the most to your family, AND to your business. At Uni Pro Painting, for instance, we won’t deviate from “Integrity”.  You’ll find it in our family, how we deal with each other and with those around us.  And it guides every decision we make from a business level.  What one word or concept defines you AND your family AND your business?  Set that in stone and never let go.

Hire to your values:  When you do it right, your employees will become part of your family.  You’ll need to ensure they value the same things that you do.  As we mentioned before, at Uni Pro Painting, Integrity comes first for our family and so we make sure it is way high up the list for our employees.  Perhaps the most important reason to have stated values in your family business is to aid in filling out the team.

Steve with wife Jody Spinelli, Chief Administrative Officer at Uni Pro Painting

Work with “family”:  We’re talking about customers, vendors, partners, etc.  You don’t have to work with everyone who wants to work with you.  Be choosy.  If your vendors and partners don’t share your family values, how well will they represent your family business?

Hire from within:  It doesn’t matter how big your business is.  If your husband or wife has something to offer, hire them.  If your son is ready to take the reins, raise him up.  It’s your business, and it’s your family. A good decision made for both is a great decision.  Choose wisely, but if it’s close, trust your gut and go with who you know.

You may not agree with every concept in this article.  Perhaps your business is growing so fast that some of these concepts seem impossible to adopt.  Take a long look before you ignore some of these suggestions.  They are based in principle and good business sense, and that’s not a bad thing.

Keep them if you’ve got them. Add them if you don’t.  It’s never too late, and you’re never too big, for some good old fashioned “Family Values”.

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