Become an Employer of Choice

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Five ways to differentiate your business to keep and attract employees.

No one can argue that finding qualified employees is a challenge.  It’s a competitive environment and employees seem to have the upper hand when it comes to deciding where they want to work.  

But there seems to be a point of view that there aren’t enough workers out there.  

  • Some think no one wants to work anymore.  
  • Some feel it’s a generational thing.  
  • Others blame society and culture.  

To generate employees, these businesses throw out an extra dollar an hour or an extra vacation day as an incentive to apply now but they still get frustrated when no one shows up.  It’s worse when a good employee leaves.  

And yet, some corporations don’t have a problem.  Many great companies are growing to scale, keeping teams together and adding more as needed.  Some businesses have a waiting list of people who want to work for them, while others turn away jobs because they can’t staff the next project.

At Uni Pro Painting, we offer commercial painting services in Cleveland Ohio.  Our customers expect excellence and we deliver.  But that takes a team.   It’s imperative that we keep a high-quality team together to take care of our customers. And, we’ve worked with enough low these great large companies and corporations to see what they do differently.

So when it comes to attracting and keeping employees, we’ve learned a thing or two.  Here are five differentiators that ensure employee retention, instead of always looking for more.

Emphasize your Corporate Values:  

If you’ve got a strong company, it’s likely because you have values that mean something to you, and your customers. Brag about them when advertising for employees.  Showcase what makes your workplace special, whether it’s a collaborative environment, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, or a focus on employee well-being. What you are most proud of will matter to the right employees.  

Invest in your surroundings:

There are lots of great companies to work for.  Make yours look the part.  Invest in comfortable office space.  Make sure the shop is clean, the warehouse walls are freshly painted, and the floor shines.  No one wants to work in a space they can’t feel proud of.  Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail as well.  Win/Win.

Build a brand:  

What sets your company apart as an employer of choice?  How are you different?  Ask your best current employees why they stay, and advertise that. That is your differentiator.  That is your brand.   A compelling employer brand not only attracts top talent but also enhances employee retention by reinforcing a sense of pride and loyalty among current employees.

Be the best:

The people you are looking for are winners, and they want to work for winners.  What changes can you make to let them know you mean business?  We’ve done commercial painting projects for showrooms, manufacturing areas, and office spaces that show a business owner is willing to invest in excellence to be the best.  Want to attract great employees?  You need to look the part and work with the best. Here’s an article we wrote about running a profitable business, which may help when you want to be your best.

Highlight true benefits:

Everyone offers a competitive benefits package.  Anyone serious is paying a competitive rate.  You can offer culture. You can offer work/family balance. You can offer a cleaner, brighter, fresher workspace.  You can show commitment to long-term success by investing in your company.   Traditional benefit packages are expected.  What can you offer that will move the needle?

What does hiring have to do with commercial painting? Your best employees will care about what you care about.  If you care about the way your business looks, if you care about the way our employees feel about where they work, then we both care about the same thing.

For more information about the Uni Pro Painting difference, reach out and let us know how we might be able to work together toward your success and our good name in the commercial painting industry.