Nine Steps to Limitless Profit

Over 26 years of experience and hundreds of commercial painting projects completed

A Proven Business Success Path that Begins with the End in Mind

Profit.  If you don’t have it, you don’t have a business.  It is the ultimate goal, required for lasting success.

If the bottom line comes first, it’s tempting to start there:  

“If I do this, how much can I charge?”

“If I build this, what will my Return on Investment (ROI) be?”

“If I cut that, how much will I save?”

Sound familiar?  At Uni Pro Painting, we’ve asked the same questions ourselves.  It’s only natural.  Yes, price matters.  But we’ve learned that when price drives your decisions, price drives you. 

If you have a vision for your business, you’ll likely do anything to bring it to life.  So why start with something limiting…like price?

We have found the NINE critical steps to sustainable profitability that work for us.

More important than the steps is the sequence we follow.  Like a recipe to bake a cake, if you don’t follow the steps in order, the outcome may not be what you had hoped for.  

Here they are: 

1). Start with Leadership: 
As a business owner, you set direction.  But a leader is only good if people follow.  And they’ll only follow if they believe in you and your vision.  Be the kind of leader who stirs passion in your team for the same things you’re trying to accomplish. This generates “extreme ownership” in your company, where everyone buys into the same goal and  will do what it takes to get there.  By the way, it doesn’t cost any profit to be a good leader.

2). Establish a Culture of Excellence: 
Create an environment of value, trust, open communication, and a commitment to excellence in all that you do. When people know that they are valued, trusted, and well-informed, they feel an integral part of the success of your business. Maintain a high standard of how ourbrand is represented in the marketplace and the quality of work that is performed. Celebrate your team when they take ownership of your standards and encourage them to always get better.

3). Satisfy your Employees: 
You can pay more than your competition, but maybe not that much more, and good employees don’t care about an extra buck an hour.  Figure out what matters to your people and reward them for a job well done.  In our line of work, we’ve seen how a professional paint job in a commercial workspace will brighten everyone’s day, and make people feel more valued, needed, and satisfied.  Spend a little here and keep the good employees you already have.

4). Retain Loyal Employees:  All you can do here is a great job at the first three steps.  Enjoy knowing that your best people want to stay your best people.  Let everyone else spend their profit on “help wanted” ads.  It is far easier to retain a group of winners than to deal with constant turnover if you aren’t following the previous steps.  

Now that you’ve invested in your people, start paying attention to the returns

5). Expect Productivity:  
If you’ve done a good job with the first four steps, then you’ve got people on your team who are willing to give more and take responsibility.  Now you’re starting to gain a return on investment.

6). Showcase Quality Work:   
When your folks do a good job, show it to your clients.  Never assume anyone knows how much you put into the project.  Tell them what they should know, and point out your excellent employee who did the work.  Now you’re generating relationships.

7). Be Relentless to Customer Satisfaction: 
This is the biggie!  First, make sure the work is up to your standards.  Then ask your client if it meets expectations.  And don’t stop until the answer is “yes” to both.

Can you see where we are going here?  Here comes the easy part!

8). Enjoy Client Retention:  
Remember, we are talking about Profit here.  There is nothing more profitable than repeat business.  

9). Profit.  
Nothing else to do here, but “rinse and repeat” the above steps for as long as you’re in business. 

The businesses we like to work with; those with office spaces, storefronts, manufacturing, and warehouses fundamentally understand this.  But we hope it helps to see our plan in action.  We also hope that you’ll see evidence of this plan at work when you invite us in to look at your workspace and talk about commercial painting.  

For more information about the Uni Pro Painting difference, reach out and let us know how we might be able to work together toward your success and our good name in the commercial painting industry.